Google Panda (Farmer) Update and Algorithm Changes

Today, Google rolled out their Panda  (Farmer) update to all internet searches across the world. On February 24, 2011 the first update took place, which affected around 12% of all websites. These algorithm changes are in response to the increasing amount of internet trash and content farms.

Internet trash are websites that steal content from other websites and republish it as their own. Most commonly autoblogging. This is when someone creates a blog about a specific topic, or to sell certain products. Autoblogs use a plugin to grab an RSS feed, or scrape products from other websites, and repost the same content on the blog. This is used to build a fast database of content, despite that it is completely copied.

Content farms are websites that pay people low wages for written articles. These articles are then posted on the websites to create enormous amounts of content about all kinds of topics. The content is often not very well written and legitimate. This creates a problem to search engine users who are trying to find legitimate information.

In my opinion, I think Google’s algorithm update was definitely needed. I know I am not the only one who is tired of seeing poorly written information show up in the top of Google’s results.


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