Battlefield Play 4 (For) Free Fullscreen

Do you want to know how to play Battlefield Play 4 (For) Free in fullscreen? I certainly did the other day when I was playing the game and couldn’t see the enemy.

It is actually not very hard to setup the game to run in fullscreen on your computer. I don’t know why it is not automatically set up to do so. It is already hard enough to fight in fullscreen and trying to do so in a box 1/4 size of your display is even more difficult.

Follow these simple steps to play Battlefield Play 4 (For) Free in fullscreen:

1) Figure out what the resolution you are currently running. Right click on your desktop Windows Vista and Windows 7 users click on “screen resolution”. Windows XP users right click on your desktop and select “Properties” then Click the “Settings” tab. Your current resolution will be listed.*

2) Launch Battlefield Play 4 (For) Free from the website:

3) After launching click on the “Options” tab and you will see the following:

Battlefield Play 4 (For) Free Video Settings

4) Adjust the “Fullscreen Resolution” to the resolution your computer is running that you determined in step 1.*

5) Also ensure the “Start in fullscreen” option is set to “Yes”.

*Note: These steps are not required but recommended to ensure the best resolution quality in the game but may slow performance depending on your computer’s hardware.

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