Amazon’s DRM Free MP3 Music Store. Download Music Without Protection!

I used Amazon’s MP3 store for the first time today and was very impressed. I wanted to download a few songs, and being a huge Amazon fan I checked out their MP3 music store. I soon realized after purchasing my songs that they were DRM (Digital Rights Management) free! This means I could put the songs anywhere I want and they are truly mine. I really don’t need something like DRM telling me where and how I can play my music.

Until now I rarely purchased music because I have always been against DRM protection. I always listened to my music on the radio and Pandora to avoid purchasing music. I believe that if you make songs affordable and allow buyers to do whatever they want with their music (DRM free) P2P music downloading will decrease. I say this because it’s much safer, quality is higher, and is easier to purchase your music from a reputable site like Amazon’s MP3 store, and have the same freedom with the song as ones obtained illegally. Many of Amazon’s music is even priced under 99 cents a song!

Amazon’s free Cloud Player is a great feature since the music you purchase stays backed-up online. You can even download the Cloud Player for Android and listen to all your music streamed online right on your phone.

Now I can finally purchase my music, and transfer it to my computer, cell phone, MP3 player, and burn CDs without anything getting in my way. Thanks Amazon!

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