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MyLife portrays itself as some sort of tool where you can supposedly discover “who’s searching for you”. I believe that is very misleading to say the least. is actually in the midst of a lawsuit in California. Click HERE to download the PDF court document for details.  – (It’s a good read) is the new name for,, and . Those of you who were on the internet years ago will remember those annoying image ads for

Utilizing the concept that “someone is looking for you,” in their advertisements is how they attempt to lure people to sign up. After someone signs up for free, they discover that you must pay for a monthly membership to even see “who’s searching for you”. One month starts out at $13.95.

Lets do a search on MyLife shall we….oh take a look at these quality results!

Click on image to enlarge.

It has been reported that they have been accused of over billing people by substantial amounts after signing up. They have also been accused of hosting a database of fake names which are used as “people”  that have been “searching for you.”

In my opinion (of course), is an absolute worthless ripoff website, and a piece of complete and utter junk. The purpose of the website is not clear to the consumer which is a dead giveaway.

I took this excerpt from the court document (link above):

RIP OFF. STAY AWAY. This website emailed me that 41 people were looking for me. I have a very unusual name. I went online and clicked to pay $7.95 to see the names. mylife promptly debited my card for almost $100.00. The “41 people” were NO ONE that I have ever heard of and they would not be looking for me by accident with the unusual name I have. This is a complete SCAM.

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