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How to Build Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a pleasing household decorative item. Learning how to build wind chimes is easy. They make soothing tunes with any gentle breeze. They can hang almost anywhere outside such as on a patio or screened in porch. As fun project, you can make your own wind chime tuned to your taste. Here is how you can build and tune a wind chime.

If you would like to build a wind chime, I highly recommend purchasing the Wind Chimes: Design and Construction, as from my experience as a hobbiest, the best guide out there. It will give you the exact measurements and specifications you need for building wind chimes out of different materials.

1. Select the Material:
Before you start working on building a wind chime, you need to plan ahead what materials you are going to use for the wind chime. Choose your material according to your surroundings for cosmetic appearance, and your ability to manipulate the material with tools.

2. Prepare the Materials:
Once you have selected and gathered all the materials for your wind chime, it is time to begin. Let’s say we have chosen to work with a wooden base plate and copper pipes. First we are going to shape the copper pipe. Copper pipes produce different sounds at different diameters and lengths. If you vary the lengths one at a time and experiment a little bit, you will get the tune you desire (see “Tuning Your Wind Chime” below). Next, we need to drill a hole at any one end of the pipe. We will use this hole to hang the copper pipe from the base plate.

Then, we have to shape our base plate according to our design. After that, we need to drill small holes around the base plates from which we will hang our pipes, and another single hole in the middle from which the base plate will hang from a support. If you want, you can also add a clapper, which will sound the pipes. You are free to choose the material for the clapper. The only conditions for the clapper are that, it has to be smaller than the base plate so that it does not touch the pipes when there is no wind, and it has to be able to produce sound from the pipe upon impact. Drill a hole at the center of the clapper to hang it from the base plate.

3. Assembling the Wind Chime:
Grab the pipes one at a time and hang them using string, twine, or another material from the base plate. Using the holes you drilled earlier, attach the pipes one by one to the base plate. Take a long piece of thread and tie the clapper with the string level with the copper pipes. At the nearest end, tie a flat vertical light disk, so that it catches the wind and moves the clapper when the wind blows. The other end of the string will go through the center of the base plate and connect with the hook.

Tuning Your Wind Chime
In order to get perfect desired sound out of your wind chime project you need to tune it properly. To tune your wind chime correctly, and for more in-depth building instructions download the

Wind Chimes: Design and Construction.

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