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Funny Kony 2012 Pics

Below is a collection of several funny Kony 2012 pictures found online. These images were taken from websites around the Internet and compiled onto one blog post. Therefore, these images do not reflect the views of ZSZN. Some images may be offensive.

Baby Uganda Stew

baby uganda stew

College Liberal Demands Troops to be Pulled out Yet Wants to Invade Uganda

college liberal

Requirement Before Watching the Kony 2012 Video

kony requirement


Not sure if I should Join Anti-Kony Bandwagon or Join Anti-Anti-Kony Bandwagon

not sure bandwagon

Woke up and wasn’t kidnapped!

kony kidnapped

Kony Island Hot Dog

kony island hot dog

Call of Duty Kony’s Soldiers

call of duty kony

Kony-Wan Kenobi 2012

 kony wan kenobi

Kony Hide Yo Kids!

kony 2012


Wait! The children are his army?

Kony Children


Kony is bad tell everyone on Facebook! But Toddlers and Tiaras are worse!

Kony toddlers tiaras

Kill Kony grab the kids, have a beer.

kony beer

Kony Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song

kony fresh prince

Kony 2012 for President?

kony 2012 presidentKony and Peter Pan?

kony peter pan

Kony chocolate milk

kony chocolate milk



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