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Getting Rid of Pimple Overnight

Getting rid of pimple overnight is important, it will improve your self image and restore your beautiful skin. Many fast fixes are available for even the most stubborn pimples. I have compiled a list of the most effective methods to curing the most stubborn acne.

There are many overnight remedies available for fighting pimples fast. The quickest results are obtained with the use of a professional product, specifically Neutrogena Skin ID which is the quickest acne cleanser available to consumers.

Other home remedies include:

Placing an orange peel dipped in water directly on the head of the pimple. Since orange peels are acidic in nature it helps cleanse the skin. Another method involving oranges is to grind up dried orange peels and mix them with an equal amount of gram flour. After you create this dry powder, add enough water to make a paste which you can apply to the acne.

Another method is to take ice and apply it directly to the pimple for approximately 10 minutes to reduce the inflammation. Then apply diluted tea tree oil which is very effective at treating pimples overnight. Tea tree oil can burn the skin so ensure you dilute it enough.

Use a warm salt water mix to wash your face twice a day. This will help without disturbing and irritating the acne.

An oatmeal mask can also throughly clean your face. Mix enough oatmeal with rose water to make a nice paste, then spread it on your skin and leave dry for about 15 minutes. Rise with cold water and your done.

For blackheads, a solution of 1 and 1/2 cups of hot water mixed with a tablespoon of boric powder will do the trick.

Honey works very well with skin imperfections. Honey by nature kills bacteria.

You can mix and match many of these home remedies listed above and repeat until your achieve the desired result. Although using a relatively inexpensive product such as Neutrogena Skin ID, will be the quickest and most effective tool with getting rid of a pimple overnight.


getting rid of pimple overnight


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