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Facebook Photo Pictures Album Download fbDownloader

Downloading all your tagged Facebook photos and other albums is easy with a simple tool called fbDownloader. This program is free and very simple to use with just a few clicks.

I have been concerned about losing priceless Facebook photos of my friends and I since they are all stored online. These pictures could accidentally become deleted fairly easily, since they are all on Facebook’s website and not stored on my personal computer.

I looked online for  programs that will download all of your tagged photos and other albums, but many you have to pay for which is ridiculous. Some programs only download your photos, and not the ones you have been tagged in by friends.

The only program that I could find that successfully backed up all of my photos and tagged photos was fbDownloader.

You can even download your friend’s albums. This was very helpful when I downloaded a close friend’s wedding pictures for him since he misplaced the original CD (Thankfully he didn’t have to tell his wife).

Facebook has definitely become the place to store your online photos as many people don’t even keep the original copy on their computer anymore. This is why fbDownloader is an essential tool as part of any personal backup.

Don’t be the one who accidentally loses all their priceless memories from Facebook. Keep them secure with fbDownloader, it’s free and the best program out there that I could find.



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