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Verizon Switching Between Feature Phone and Smartphone Data Charges

At times my job requires me to switch between a Verizon feature phone and a smartphone. This will cause unnecessary data charges if not done correctly. Sometimes I need to go out in the field I am not taking my precious expensive smartphone with me. Instead, I have an old junk “feature phone”  that I take.

I found out after having this problem twice, that you will be billed for data on the feature phone that you never used. This will add up fast and your bill will certainly surprise you. The first time I called about it they immediately reversed the charges since they have a one time data charge reversal. The second time this occurred I did not get a courtesy data charge reversal right away.  After an extensive call to Verizon’s customer support I was able to get the charges reversed. I also found out that when you switch off your unlimited data plan that you have with your smartphone, and don’t carry over any data plan to your feature phone they are unable to track which phone actually used the data. The one with, or without the data plan.

The second time I called Verizon’s customer support, I was told that the charges were legitimate and I had to pay. They told me that the smartphone was probably not turned off and continued to access data when I had switched to my feature phone. This was not true since I pulled the battery in my smartphone before even activating my feature phone. But, I was able to talk to the supervisor and she explained to me what was happening.

The easiest way to prevent this is to make sure that when you switch to your feature phone you also add a data package. I recommend you just add the unlimited data package again since you already pay for it. This will insure you will not receive any unnecessary data charges.

I wish Verizon would correct this issue because I am sure I am not the only one who switches between my feature phone and smartphone.

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