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WEP Security is a Joke for Your Wireless Router Use WPA2

It has been proven over and over that WEP security is worthless. If you are trying to figure out which wireless security standard is right for you, I will help.

WEP or Wired Equivalent Privacy has been around since 1999, which is a long time ago if you consider the speed of technological development. A couple of years later exploits were found against WEP which allowed it to be cracked extremely fast. There are tons of videos on Youtube displaying how fast and easy a WEP crack is.

If you are looking to get up-to-date with the new security standards, I highly recommend using or switching to WPA2.

In order to switch to WPA2, your wireless devices must all be compatible with this type of encryption. Some older computers may need a simple software update to be compatible. Everything manufactured within the last few years support WPA2 out of the box.

WPA2 is still crackable to an extent. But with a few modifications to your encryption settings, you won’t have a problem.

If you have a home network you will probably be using WPA2 PSK (Pre-Shared Key). Aircrack-ng, a popular wireless cracking program can only crack WPA2 networks that use PSK. Therefore it is very important you set up your PSK properly. WPA2 networks with dictionary words or short length words can only be cracked.

Your PSK can contain anywhere from 8-63 characters. You don’t necessarily have to use all 63 characters, but your PSK should be fairly long containing random characters including several special characters. This will ensure your wireless network is safe and secure!

In Summary:

*Ditch WEP

*Use WPA2 Encyrption

*Setup a secure PSK as I explained above



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