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How to Find and Register Dropped or Deleting Domain Names

Registering that keyword rich Dropped or Deleting domain name that you have your eyes on can be somewhat confusing. I am going to try and clear up the process for you, and simplify it.

Dropped domain names, and deleting domain names are very simple to find. You can start a search and include many variables to find domain names that recently dropped with Just Dropped. I have been using that site for years now and always found it very helpful. Another useful site is Pool will show you domains that dropped recently (last couple days) and show you domains that will drop within the next week. All you have to do is visit their site and click on “Deleting Domains” tab at the top.

Deleting (dropping) domain names can be registered ahead of time. This is called backordering the domain name. Most registrars have the option to backorder a domain name. I would stay away from this if the domain name is one that you think someone else would be interested in. Even if you backorder it at a registrar and someone else backorders it somewhere else, there is a chance you may not get it. I will help you increase your chances of getting a dropping domain name.

I strongly recommend using, SnapNames, and eNom to backorder your domain names. They will give you the best chance at getting your domain name as soon as it drops. You only have to pay for the service if they are successful at getting your domain name. So, why not backorder the domain name through all three to increase your chances even more? If someone else backorders the your domain through one of these services as well, it will go into auction between those that backordered it.

Keep in mind if you find a deleting (dropping) domain name, you don’t have to backorder it through any of the above services. This is only if you think there is a chance someone else may try to get it. You can simply go to your favorite registrar and keep trying to register the domain name throughout the day it is scheduled to drop on. From experience I have noticed that domains scheduled to drop usually are available to register in the afternoon, eastern time.

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