Basketball Court Dimensions

Basketball Court Dimensions will vary depending on the specific court authorized for use by different organizations. NBA, FIBA, WNBA, Men’s NCAA, Women’s NCAA, U.S. High School, and U.S.  Junior High School all have different court dimensions.

An official NBA basketball court will measure 94 feet long (28.65 meters) by 50 feet wide (15.24 meters).

A NCAA court is also 94 feet long (28.65 meters) by 50 feet wide (15.24 meters)

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) the court is slightly smaller. It measures 28 meters by 15 meters as it is based on the metric system.

A traditional high school basketball court measures 84 feet long by 50 feet wide. In comparison to the official NBA court, a high school basketball courts’ length is shorter by 10 feet, but the width of the court is the same.

Elementary school basketball courts measure 74 feet long (22.56 meters) by 42 feet wide (12.8 meters).

Despite the different size courts listed above, the basketball rim is always 10 feet high (3.05 meters).

Basketball court dimensions are an important piece of information to pay attention to. The sizes are considerably different during playtime and are very noticeable. It is essential to keep the different court sizes in mind if you are practicing on a different court. Although the rim height is the same, the length and width will be slightly different.

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basketball court dimensions


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