All You Need to Know About Dairy Free Chocolates

Chocolate is perhaps the only thing people like irrespective of their age. Be it an adult or a small kid, no one can say ‘No’ to good chocolates.

Everyone loves chocolate.

The word ‘Chocolate’ originated from ‘Cocoa’ (Although some say it is from Nahuatl (Aztecs’ language) word “chocolatl”), as chocolates are made from cocoa seeds. The botanical name of cocoa seeds, ‘Theobromo cacao’ literally translates to, ‘Food of the Gods’. Apart from all the brands, marketing exotic chocolates, chocolates are generally divided into two types. One is Dairy Chocolates and the other is Dairy Free Chocolates.

What is Dairy Chocolate?

Chocolate in its pure form is bitter in taste and not many people (especially children) like it. To make it sweet, dairy products are carefully mixed with the chocolate, hence producing milk chocolates. Dairy products are defined as any food product made from milk (like curds, yogurts, cream, butter etc). Milk can be from cow, goats, yak or buffalo. Unfortunately, this sweet, creamy chocolates are not exactly what you call healthy. So many people, despite loving chocolates have to say ‘No’.

3 Kinds of people say ‘No’ to Dairy Chocolates:

1) Health Conscious People

Dairy chocolates contains significant portion of fat. Consuming excess amount of milk chocolate leads to obesity.

2) Lactose intolerant

There is certain group of people who are lactose intolerant, which are present in milk chocolates. They can not consume milk chocolates due to allergic reaction.

3) Vegans

To put it simply, Vegans is a group of people who believe in animal rights and reject any food which is made from animals.

Advantage of Dairy Free Chocolates:

First of all, avoiding dairy chocolates benefits you directly if you fall in any of the 3 groups mentioned above. Furthermore, it increases blood circulation to our whole body, thus removing fatigue and more blood gets pumped to our brain in few hours after consuming Dairy Free Chocolates. Dairy Free Chocolates or Dark Chocolates keeps you safe from Cardiac diseases by reducing your blood pressure. In Dairy Free Chocolates, flavonoids (such as epicatechin) remain in higher percentage than in milk chocolates. Various flavonoids present in chocolate act as a pharmaceutical agents and benefit our health in many ways. For example, a chemical agent known as Phenylethylamine remains present in dairy a free chocolate which helps to secrete a hormone which lights your mood up.

But the most Awesome part about Dairy Free Chocolate is the high Antioxidant absorption rate. Research shows that, the amount of antioxidant absorbed by the body after consuming dark chocolate or Dairy Free Chocolates is double than amount of antioxidant absorbed after consuming equal amount of milk chocolate. Antioxidants play an important role to maintain the toxic balance in our body. Antioxidants slow down the oxidation rate of the cells in our body, enabling to have a healthy body at the cellular level.

So next time you buy Chocolates, make sure they are Dairy Free Chocolates.


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