How to Build a Playhouse

If you are planning for a playhouse in your backyard, building it yourself will be a comparative cheap option as ready made playhouse costs a lot. Building a playhouse in your backyard will require a little work but it is comparatively easy, especially if you get the Treehouses & Playhouses You Can Build. If you buy yourself a playhouse building kit, instructions will come along with your purchase. If you decide to build it yourself, that’s ok too. Just follow the steps I’m going to tell you.


First of all you need a detailed plan for your playhouse. Plan carefully before starting the actual work. Draw some diagrams for your own use. Secondly, Select a spot for your playhouse. Level the ground. If you dig out about an inch of earth at size of your playhouse, you will have a firm foundation for your playhouse. Third, If you are planning to make your own playhouse from the scratch, then you have to prepare the panels beforehand. You need to cut it to your required size and shape.Finally, You will also need general tools for your project, such as step ladders and drill machines.

Setting up the floor:

First you need to set up the frame for the wooden floor. If you have a wide floor, don’t forget to place crossbar to support your floors. The distances between the crossbars will depend on how strong you want it to make. Typically, 2’ is enough.

Setting up the side panels:

Next comes the crucial step, setting up the walls. You may want to call a friend over to help you out on this step. You need to make sure that the walls are perfectly lined up. Other than that, you will have difficulties setting up the roof.

Setting up the roof:

At this point you should be pretty confident about your work should have no problem finishing the roof. As a safety precaution, work from your step ladder as much as possible, avoiding to sit on the roof to build it. When you finish your work spread a roofing felt.

Fixing doors and windows:

You are almost done. All you you are left with now is the attaching the door and window panel. To make it safe for the kids, leave a gap between the doors and the wall. Do not fit them perfectly. This will prevent children accidentally smashing their fingers.


Paint the playhouse both inside and outside, cover the floor the material of your choice.

Why build a playhouse?

Many parents wish to build playhouse because of their kids. A playhouse at your backyard will give your kid his own place to play and feel free. He can explore the realm of imagination with his friends. If your kid is little older, work together to build the playhouse. It will boost up his confidence level.

Playhouse can also be used as tool shed for gardening when your kids are all grown up.

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