Battlefield Play 4 (For) Free

One of my friends showed me the Battlefield Play 4 (For) Free online game today. Basically it is a free version of the popular saga Battlefield by EA games that runs off your web browser.

The game play itself and its models remind me a lot of Battlefield 2. This was such a great idea for EA Games to come up with. It only took about 20 minutes to fully install the game, and I was up and running. The game will first install a plugin/extension to your favorite web browser which will allow the game to function. It will then copy several files to your hard drive which it will pull to run the game.

You will create a character class, this is important because you can not change it later in the game. I chose “Assault” since that appealed most to me. After playing the game for a few minutes you will collect money which you can use to upgrade your equipment and weapons. Leveling up is fairly easy, just kill other players to receive points!

Overall the game is a lot of fun and is definitely a great freebie to play with your friends if you have some spare time. Don’t expect it to be as good as the other Battlefield games, it is free after all.

Unfortunately, the game is not compatible on Linux and Mac systems yet. This is a bummer since I am a HUGE Linux fan. The minimum system requirements are as follows:

Windows XP or Windows, Intel Pentium 4 processor 1.7GHz, 512mb of ram if your running Windows XP and 1GB if you are at least running Windows Vista, a Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card, 256kbit internet speed, and 1GB of hard drive space.

Click here to play!

Battlefield Play 4 Free



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