TLC’s Extreme Couponing

TLC’s latest show Extreme Couponing has definitely caught my attention. I am so surprised with the price these people pay for huge grocery hauls. I am going to share some links that could help you learn how to coupon successfully.

I have no idea what I could possibly do with 50 bottles of mustard, but hey I got them for $2 right so why not pick them up! Some of these “stockpiles” are absolutely insane! If the shoppers can actually go through tons of the same products I definitely don’t have a problem with it.

There is no way I could possibly use all that food and I would probably end up just donating most of it, like a lot of the shoppers on the show.

According to Discovery (owns TLC) Channel’s website 2.1 MILLION viewers watched the December 29, 2010 premier of Extreme Couponing. That’s A LOT of people! Looks like it’s not just me that is fascinated.

I am going to try out couponing this summer when I have the seemingly countless hours required to put into each shopping trip. Below are some useful websites that I found that explain how to get started with couponing based upon their own experiences. – Shows you where to shop and the coupons to use. Featured on TLC – Lots of interesting information – An beginner article

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