How to be a Bouncer

Learning how to be a bouncer is very important, and the first step you need to take to get into the industry.

Bouncing isn’t for everyone and certainly not for the faint of heart. I have listed a number of tips below to help you get started. But, if you want to learn more I recommend Peyton Quinn’s Book, Bouncer’s Guide to Barroom Brawling, in order to learn the best kept industry secrets. This will give you the edge that you WILL need to get a job bouncing, and provide you with usefully things to take with you to your interview.

First and foremost you do not need to be a huge hulking dude with muscles bigger than his head. Despite this common misconception, bouncing requires someone who can think and react to a number of situations. Utilizing massive muscles without thinking can cause you to lose a job by exposing the establishment to a lawsuit or worse.

While a patron is inside the establishment you are working, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure their safety. If something happens inside it will come down on you and why you didn’t stop or prevent it.

Contrary to common belief, fights don’t commonly break out inside bars/clubs. Unless you are working at some biker sports bar with a bunch of crazies, fights will seldom happen. It really depends on the demographic (types of people, and the area) in which the bar/club is located.

Bouncing is rarely considered a career path, this is like saying stripping is your career (don’t get me wrong, it can be just very rarely). But experience as a bouncer can open up your career choices in the future such as jobs in law enforcement. Bouncing is a great resume item that will reflect very positively to an employer.

Drunk patrons can be a lot of fun to work around, but can also turn into a pain very fast especially during closing time. It is your job to get them out as quickly as possible before closing for the night.

Most importantly, if you are trying to learn how to be a bouncer please get Peyton Quinn’s Book, Bouncer’s Guide to Barroom Brawling. It is the only book I recommend if you want to get a job and be successful at it.



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